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mischiefs epiphanies and desires

On a journey of self-discovery

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BERNARD: Excuse me.
JOEL: Yeah.
BERNARD: Where am I?
JOEL: You know, I've been asking myself that same question since I got here. I finally figured out we are somewhere between the end of the line and the middle of nowhere.
BERNARD: Oh. Where is that on the map?
~from Northern Exposure, 1.8 The Aurora Borealis: A Fairy Tale for Big People

"But navigation will prove more effective than explanation. Be wary of accepting the viewpoint of those who provide too many answers, and do not believe anyone who says the night is to be outlawed."
~from Griffin and Sabine, by Nick Bantock

Welcome weary wanderers!

This journal, when I get around to properly updating it, will primarily serve as an archive of my self-indulgent musings, impressions, and fandom interests. My current obsessions are with the Harry Potter series and the massively entertaining fandom it spawned.

I might occasionaly post about my real life here, but since I lead a horribly mundane one, I will try to spare potential readers such banal details. When I come up with something witty and scandalous, I'll be sure to share ;).